2 Days in Granada

Why Should You Visit Granada?

Granada, a magnificent city in Andalusia, boasts numerous Moorish and Spanish palaces and gardens, which are evidence of the city's rich cultural and historical legacy. With its magnificently preserved medieval buildings and stunning modern architecture, the 1000-year-old city of Granada may make you fall in love with it in just 2 Days in Granada.

The Alhambra and the Nasrid Palaces are amazing examples of opulent Moorish architecture, the Cathedral of Granada astounds with its exquisite fusion of architectural elements. Visit the Generalife Gardens to see the exquisitely designed gardens, or the Mirador de San Nicolas for the best views of the city and the sunset, if you're wondering what to do in Granada Spain in 2 days.

Taste some regional foods, particularly tapas, and regional libations, like sangria, gin, wine, and more to have some delightful experiences. Explore some of the most amazing bars, pubs, and discos to get into the party mood. When you are deciding on what to see in Granada Spain in 2 days to learn about its cultural legacy, attend an evening flamenco performance at the Sacromonte Caves. The city boasts monumental churches, royal palaces, offbeat bohemian cafes, Arabic music and dance styles, so your 2-day Granada trip will leave you with abundant remarkable experiences.

Things to Do in 2 Days in Granada

Visit the Cathedral of Granada

Marvel at the grandeur of the Granada Cathedral, one of the largest cathedral of Spain to make your 2 Days in Granada trip a memorable and full of some insights about the country’s history. Discover the rich history of the Royal Chapel of Granada, where Queen Isabella I and King Ferdinand II are buried. You will also get to admire marble arches, stained glass windows, Corinthian columns, and a collection of paintings and travel back in time to the sixteenth century. Be amused to see the cathedral's harmonious blend of Gothic, Renaissance, and baroque architectural styles, which give it a distinct splendor.

Visit Plaza Nueva

Stop by Plaza Nueva on your 2 Days in Granada vacation to learn more about this urban square that is a vital center for the city's social life. The Town Hall, San Onofre Chapel, Telefónica Building, Monument to San Fernando, Longoria House, and Banco de Bilbao Building are just a few of the historical structures you will find in this area. They are all magnificent specimens of earlier architectural design. Take a break to browse the stores, eateries, cafés, and bars while taking in the bustling ambiance of the area.

Explore the Alhambra

Are you wondering what to do in Granada Spain in 2 days to learn about its rich history and art? Visit Alhambra, a breathtaking fortified city where art, beauty, and culture are on show in every corner of the palace, including the Sultan's harem, gardens, and mosques. You will be in awe of this architectural wonder, which features inlays and colors that cover the building's walls. Additionally, it provides sweeping views of Granada, Albaizin, the Sacromonte caves, and the snow-capped peaks of the Sierra Nevada.

Marvel at the Alcazaba

Include Alcazaba in your 2 days in Granada trip to witness the magnificent architecture, learn about the local culture, and take in the breathtaking views of the city and its surroundings. Explore this former military area in the Alcazaba grounds and climb to its watchtower for unrivaled views of the city, the Albaicin, Plaza Nueva, and the Sierra Nevada mountains. Stroll through the neighborhood and witness the Bucket Tower, the urban military district, Arms Square, and the terrace of the Arms Gate to understand how Andulasian towns were protected in the past.

Admire the Nasrid Palaces

Wondering what to see in Granada Spain in 2 days to admire the Spanish aristocracy? Visit the Nasrid Palaces, the highlight of all trips to Granada and an exquisite example of Moorish architecture and craftsmanship. Explore the El Mexuar, the oldest courtroom, and the Palace of Comares, where the king resided in your day of exploration at Granada. You can also stop by the Courtyard of the Myrtles, the Hall of Ambassadors, the Hall of the Boat, and the Palace of the Lions. You'll be instantly taken back to the era of Spanish nobility as you explore these stunning rooms.

Take a tour of the Generalife

Tour the Generalife, an important summer palace during your 2 Days in Granada to see a magnificent place of relaxation and recreation where the Granada kings used to escape the former life of the Palace. While strolling through the complex, which includes a rustic villa and gardens, learn about the royal lifestyle of Granada. Spend some time in its beautifully landscaped gardens and feel a refreshing ambiance while enjoying the melodious sound of running water, the freshness of the blooms, and the geometric decorations.

Stroll through Carrera del Darro

Take a leisurely stroll through Carrera del Darro, one of the most picturesque and historic roads in Granada, to see some old structures and discover the city's traditions and culture. Observe the surrounding natural beauty while walking alongside the River Darro. Cross two brick and stone bridges and look for structures from the sixteenth or seventeenth century. Stop by some of the historic Arab homes, including the SS. XVI and XVII. You may stroll up the foot of the Alhambra hill and admire gorgeously painted facades.

Dine at Avila Tapas

Head to Avila Tapas to relax, enjoy tapas, and a well-served drink, if you're wondering what to do in Granada Spain in 2 days for a delightful experience. Avila Tapas is a popular restaurant and bar with a long history that serves a wide variety of Mediterranean dishes and indulge in authentic traditional flavors. Whether you come for a delectable brunch, lunch, or dinner, you will undoubtedly enjoy a wonderful dining experience in a friendly setting. Mermelada, cortado, draft beer, and Sangria are a few of the must-tries of this attraction.

Watch a Flamenco Show

A flamenco concert offers a window into the customs and dance styles of the city for anyone wondering what to see in Granada Spain in 2 days. Visit Scromonte or El Templo del Flamenco for top flamenco performances in Granada, which is renowned as one of the flamenco's birthplaces and is a great site to catch a show. You can attend a flamenco show which is the best way to experience the intensity and strength of this incredible art that blends dance, music, and the guitar.

Spend some time at Puerta del Mar Beach

Spend some time at the serene Puerta del Mar Beach if you're thinking of what to do in Granada Spain in 2 days and enjoy the surrounding natural beauty and pleasant atmosphere. Take a leisurely romantic evening stroll with your significant other or rest in a parasol with a deck chair while enjoying the setting sun. Enjoy tasty tapas, sangria, gin, or tinto de verano while lounging to soothing lounge music in the vibrant party atmosphere provided by a number of clubs and bars at this beach. When feeling hungry, head toward the beach promenade known as Paseo Maritimo for some tasty local fare.

Witness the sunset from the Mirador San Nicolas

If you're trying to decide what to see in Granada Spain in 2 days, the views of the setting sun from the Mirador San Nicolas are incomparable. A hilltop square, it is one of the best places in the world to see a sunset. You will be enthralled by the panoramic vista, which features the Alhambra and the Generalife side by side, the city, and the majestic Sierra Nevada in the distance. The nearby Church of San Nicolás, built in the Mudejar and Gothic architectural styles, adds to the wonder and unforgettable memories you can have on the trip.

Know Before Your Visit Granada

Getting Around
Tips for 2 Days in Granada
Essential Information

On Foot: Walking through the Granada streets is the finest method for tourists to see the city's culture. You can take help of a guidebook for a self-guided walking trip or opt for a guided walking tour.By Bike: Renting a green bicycle will reduce your energy and travel time. Numerous bike rental shops in the city center offer hourly and daily rentals and the option of hiring a guide.By Segway: Rent a segway to explore the city in style and choose from the morning or evening tours. Numerous tour companies in Granada offer Segway rentals and also provide a brief introduction and training if you haven't used Segway before.By Hop on hop off trains: The tourist train is one of the cost-effective and convenient ways to go around the city. The train offers a daytime green route with 14 stops, including the Alhambra palace and a night route that doesn't include the Alhambra.By Bus: Tourist buses operate from Avenida de Juan Pablo II station and take trips to the suburbs.By Taxi: Hire a taxi for the most convenient ride.

  • Plan your Granada trip in spring or autumn to enjoy the attractions in the pleasant weather and with fewer crowds.
  • Get a Granada City Pass to save on time and money.
  • Stay in a central area to make it simple to stroll to the attractions you wish to visit.
  • You can choose to travel in the city of Granada on foot via walking tour for explorations.
  • Try some tapas while you're in the city because Granada is known for them.

Weather: The months of March to May (Spring) and September to November (Autumn) are neither too hot nor too chilly, making them ideal for exploring the city on foot. December to February are cold winter months, with large temperature differences between day and night. Since it's cold in the winter, it's the off-season for tourists, which means that food, tickets, and local souvenirs can all be purchased at steep discounts. June to August (summer) is hot and sunny. Summers are especially uncomfortable for sightseeing because of the intense heat and rising temperatures.

Best Time: Spring (March to May) and early autumn (September and October) are considered to be the best times to visit Granada for the most pleasant weather. It is not too hot to stroll through the historic neighborhoods and fewer tourists will be around during these times.

What to Pack:Clothes: Casual pants and tops made of breathable material, warm layers, fleece jackets, thermals. Long sleeve shirts or blouses, scarves for women, and full pants to visit mosquesEssentials: Sunglasses, hat/scarf, and sunscreen to avoid getting a tanFootwear: Comfortable walking shoes and boots for wintersGadgets: Camera, power bank, chargersMedication kit


Is Granada worth visiting?

Yes, Granada is worthwhile for offering a perfect fusion of modern culture and old-world elegance. The city's attractions, including the Alhambra, mosques, churches, gardens, viewpoints, bullfights, flamenco, tapas, and much more can be explored during your 2 Days in Granada trip and will win you over.

What are the few day trips that can be taken from Granada?

You may organize day trips to Seville, Cordoba, Marbella, Cadiz, Malaga, and Nerja from Granada.

What are the top things to do in Granada?

  • See a flamenco performance
  • Explore the Alhambra palace
  • Tour the Granada museums
  • Visit a tapas bar
  • Listen to live Arabic music
  • Unwind in Hammam baths

What is the safest way to get around Granada?

Booking a private cab or the hop-on hop-off tourist train ticket is the safest method to get around Granada. Hop-on-hop-off trains are safe because they stop at all important sights, so you won't need to ask strangers about famous destinations, and a private cab booked from reputable operators ensures safety for their trained drivers.

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What are some must-see sights in Granada?

The Alhambra, the Generalife, and the Cathedral are a few of the must-see attractions of Granada. In addition to these sites, include Plaza Nueva, the Alcazaba, the Nasrid Palaces, and Carrera del Darro in your itinerary, if you are deciding on what to do in Granada Spain in 2 days.

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