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Discover the fascinating culture and history of this ancient city with some of the top things to do in Granada, that also put it among the best tourist attractions in Spain. With monuments, museums, parks, and other places of interest, some of which go back several centuries, this is an absolute must-visit when you are in the country.

Visit the ancient buildings, particularly the world famous Alhambra, that served as places of supreme importance during the Moorish reign between the 3rd and 15thth centuries. Witness rich Islamic, Jewish, as well as Gypsy influences on the various structures here. Wander around the spectacularly unique neighborhoods of the city with meandering lanes, alleyways, squares dating back to the Moorish empire, as well as the massive churches of the conquerors of Spain. Get adventurous and go hiking in the Sierra Nevada National Park or simply spend an afternoon of relaxation with friends and family by the lake at the Bib-Rambla square. Get a glimpse of the rich cultural heritage of the city by visiting the Cartuja monastery, attend a flamenco show, or walk aimlessly around the narrow lanes of Albaicín neighborhood. There is no dearth of interesting and fun things to do in Granada.

Top Things To Do In Granada

With your Granada attraction tickets you get access to alot of fun and interesting things to do in Granada Spain such as visiting the world-famous Alhambra which was the seat of the Nasrid rulers for several centuries. The charming old city also boasts some of the most beautiful museums, parks, souks, miradors, chapels, baths, monasteries, and much more for you to explore and indulge in.

Explore Alhambra: a Moorish treasure

One of the most famous attractions of the city and among the top things to do in Granada is visiting the Alhambra. Located against a breathtaking backdrop of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, the Alhambra is counted among the world’s great historical complexes and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Discover the very site where rulers of the Nasrid dynasty and later Christian monarchs retreated during the summers. Explore the three distinct sections at the sprawling palace- the Alcazaba, The Nasrid Palace, and the Generalife.

Find the Granada miradors

Soak in breathtaking views of the sunset over the old city from one of the several miradors across Granada. Finding these lesser known and less crowded miradors can be on your list of top things to do in Granada. Head to the San Cristobal church to find the Mirador de San Cristóbal next to it, for interesting views from different angles. You can go to the highest mirador in Granada, the Mirador de San Miguel Alto or the Mirador del Carmen de los Martires for excellent photo opportunities.

Explore The Sacromonte

The Sacred Mountain or Sacromonte have been home to artists, gypsies, and refugees during the Medieval Ages. Visiting the caves dug into these hills that once served as residences, is one of the top things to do in Granada. Learn about the origins and fascinating history of these caves when you are here and enjoy stunning views of the city below. Be prepared for a long uphill walk right up to the catacombs, but the sight at the very top is worth the hike.

Tour the Granada Cathedral and the Royal Chapel

Visiting the awe-inspiring Cathedral of Granada certainly makes for one of the top things to do in Granada for its mesmerizing beauty and rich history. Built by the Catholic kings over a period of 181 years, the Cathedral rose from the Islamic ruins. Don’t miss out on the interesting blend of architectural styles showcased here, such as the renaissance, baroque and Gothic. Explore the beautiful Royal Chapel that was built in the 15th century and houses a museum, crypt, and tombs of monarchs.

Attend a flamenco show

Explore the caves on the Sacred Mountains not only for their significant religious value but also to witness the most interesting flamenco shows in the country. Among the best things to do in Granada is to enjoy watching the Zambra, a local version of the famous flamenco dance that found its origins here. Reserve your spot at the earliest as these shows tend to be booked fast and witness the performances complete with talented barefoot dancers, guitars, and castanets.

Head to the Carmen de Los Martires garden

If you are looking for some exciting and free things to do in Granada, visit this beautiful park that offers stunning views of the surrounding area. It comprises various interesting sections including the British Garden, the French Garden, as well as the Nasrid patio with its maze. The park also houses a serene lake within it by which you can spend a relaxed afternoon with your friends and family. Located near the city’s center, the landscaped gardens and lush green surroundings serve as an oasis amidst the bustle of city life.

Relax on the Bib-Rambla square

Considered the central point of the city, this spectacular square is a must-visit and exploring this is one of the best things to do in Granada with family and friends. The square is flanked by buildings dating back to the 19th century, along with a massive 17th century fountain featuring a sculpture of Neptune that is brilliantly illuminated in the night. This is also where you can enjoy some shopping and stop by for a coffee and chocolate churros break. Enjoy looking at the colored glass lamps, ceramics, magnets, postcards, jewelry, and much more on display here.

Visit the Granada ancient Arab baths

Get a glimpse of the ancient spas if you are looking for fun and interesting things to do in Granada and marvel at the exquisite Arabic ambience and décor. These ritualistic ancient Muslim baths popularly known as Hammams were originally brought here from North Africa by the Moorish rulers. Enjoy witnessing the authentic Moorish style Arab Baths, some of which are open to public access as well. Admire the gorgeous Islamic style tile work, massive arches, and the different pools for cold, hot, and warm water.

Explore Cartuja monastery

Enjoy visiting this 16th century monastery located on the outskirts of the city that belonged to the Carthusian order. Revel in the simple yet elegant exterior of the complex that leads into a cozy courtyard, and a spectacular interior sight. Also considered one of the most beautiful religious buildings in Spain, going on a tour of the monastery is certainly one of the best things to do in Granada. Get an up and close view of exquisite paintings, altar pieces, marble statues, and other significant works of art within the edifice.

Experience Granada Science Park

If you are visiting the city with children, one of the most fun things to do in Granada would be to visit the Science Park. Located just about 15 minutes away from the city’s center, the park is among the most visited places in Andalucia. Spanning an area of almost 70,000 square meters, the massive park features some interesting exhibits that tell you about the human body and the planet Earth in a fun and exciting manner.

Wander The Albaicín Neighborhood

Explore the criss-cross of ancient alleys, unique plazas, and elaborate courtyards at this original Arab quarter located atop a hill right across from the Alhambra. Considered one of the top things to do in Granada, you can simply stroll through the quaint neighborhood soaking in the sights and sounds and stopping at places of historic and religious significance. Admire the souk styled markets that are still a common feature here, and stop by to drink, eat, or shop.

Visit Frederico García Lorca House-Museum

This old family residence, that once belonged to Federico García Lorca and where he is known to have penned some of his most famous works, is a popular attraction in Granada today. Enjoy touring the house museum that continues to maintain its old world charm within its original structure. There have not been many modifications made to it and you can still see the renowned poet’s personal belongings here including paintings, photographs, drawings, and manuscripts.

Shop at the Alcaiceria market

Go through the narrow lanes and alleys that together comprise this shopping avenue; once a famous Moorish silk market under Muslim rulers. Located on the southern end of the Cathedral, the market was rebuilt in the 19th century and today houses some of the best shops for souvenir shopping under traditional Moorish arches and ornate walls. It is also a popular Arab spice market and wandering around the maze of narrow streets here is definitely one of the most interesting things to do in Granada.

Go Hiking in the Sierra Nevada National Park

Starting at the eastern end of Granada, this stunning park is a haven for hikers with some of the best trails and marvelous views, and hiking here is one of the most thrilling things to do in Granada. The Mulhacén which is the tallest peak in the country and stands almost 3,500 meters above sea level is located in this national park. If you are here during the winters, see the place transform into a popular ski resort in the southern part of Europe.

Check out the Palacio de la Madraza

This palace of the Nasrid Dynasty is definitely worth stopping by and exploring this structure is one of the most interesting things to do in Granada Spain. Home to the first university in the city, the beautiful palace was founded in the 14th century by Yusuf I, who also gave it the name Yusufiyya translating, the house of science. Witness this ancient seat of learning that had started off as a mosque school. Located in the heart of the city, the school primarily taught subjects like law, medicine and mathematics.

Top Things To Do In Granada FAQs

Which are the best things to do in Granada?

There are several great things to do in Granada Spain such as exploring the Alhambra, wandering the Albaicín Neighborhood, relaxing on the Bib-Rambla square, visiting the Federico García Lorca House-Museum, among several others.

Are there adventure activities in Granada?

There are quite a few adventurous things to do in Granada Spain including going on a hiking trip at the Sierra Nevada National Park, exploring the Sacred Mountain, going on a Granaltura paragliding, and enjoying Segway tours at Grenada Alternativa.

What is the best time to visit Granada?

The best time to visit Granada is during the months of May and June as well as in September and October. The gardens and parks turn into a sight to behold during the summers with flowers in full bloom. Around September and October the weather begins to cool down making it ideal for all the outdoor activities and sightseeing tours that the city has to offer.

What is special about Granada?

Granada is an ancient city located near the south of Spain that is famous for its rich history, grand architecture, and old-world charm. The Alhambra fortress located in its picturesque surroundings is one of the most famous buildings in the world and exhibits rich historical artifacts from the Nasrid dynasty.

How to reach Granada?

You can fly to the Maurice Bishop International Airport located about 5 miles from St. George’s which is Grenada’s capital. Once here, you can reach Grenada by taxi, bus, ferry, car, or train.

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