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Rent A Car in Granada

Exploring Granada by renting a car from Granada car rental is one of the most sought-after ways to have a memorable trip in this city. Car rental in Granada offers different types of cars depending upon the number of people you are traveling with, leaving you spoilt for choice. The city offers different pickup points for cars, like the Gibraltar La Linea Airport, Granada Airport, and Granada's railway station. If you are looking to make the best of your time in Granada and not planning to get out of the city soon, then exploring the city using a car can be your go-to choice.

Book Car Rental Services in Granada Online

If you are planning a visit to Granada and are opting to explore the city at your own pace, then booking a car online is the best option. Getting around Granada using a car is easy, as the majority of the road networks do not have tolls and parking spots are also easily available in the city. These services also come in handy when you have plans to not limit your stay in Granada but also opt for destinations like Cordoba and Costa del Sol. But renting a car after reaching the city can get tricky and exhausting, apart from the high costs you will have to pay when booking offline at the last moment. Hence it is advisable to book your car rental service in advance online and get the maximum discounts and deals from the comfort of your homes.

Available Car Options to Rent in Granada

Chevrolet Spark

The 5 seater Chevrolet Spark is a hatchback car that can be rented from coches de alquiler Granada if you are looking for a car that has state-of-the art interior technology. The car comes with a standard rear vision camera, 10 standard airbags, and a durably built steel safety cage. This car is also compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. In case you are looking for extra storage space, the rear seats of this car can be folded.

Toyota Aygo

Toyota Aygo is a four-seater car with three doors and a decent storage space for keeping up to 2 large bags. The car runs on a manual transmission and comes with parking sensors to help you get around the city and park confidently. The car comes with a 5 speed manual gearbox, generates up to 205 units of torque and also has a sunroof.

Volkswagen Polo

The Volkswagen Polo is one of the most sought-after car options for those looking to explore Granda in an economy hatchback option. This car is compact but is spacious enough to accommodate up to 5 people including the driver. Although the car runs on a limited mileage policy, it's got 5 doors, and storage space to keep up to 2 suitcases. The car has a manual transmission and an engine of almost 1500 CC, making it apt for renting from Car Rental Granda when exploring with a small family.

Opel Corsa

With a mileage of up to 14.2 kmpl while outside the city and 9.6 kmpl while in the city, Opel's Corsa is the go-to car for those opting to use a sedan-style car for exploring the city. The car has a seating capacity of up to 5 people including the driver and runs on a manual transmission system. To protect its travelers, the car also has 6 airbags that pop up in case of any accidents.

Seat Ibiza

The Ibiza by Seat has a distinctive presence on the road, thanks to the redesigned Eco LED headlights. It has the facility to integrate the smartphone with the device completely and also comes as a wireless charging port. The car's rear parking sensors, dynamic road sign display, lane and high beam assist are some of the reasons why you should consider this car for exploring Granada. The car is air conditioned and comes with a luxurious 8 inch digital touch screen.

Citroen C3

The Citroen C3 is powered by C-Buddy, an intuitive mobile application that reduces human efforts in navigation and calculating the estimated time of arrival. It can be paired with both Android and iOS devices.This car has an electric steering wheel, 5 seats and runs on manual transmission. The car offers a mileage of up to 19.8 kmpl, has an engine of 1199 cc and an overall quirky design worth considering.

Smart Forfour

With funky interiors and smooth control and maneuvering while driving in towns, Smart FourFour has a very distinctive design. Its rear seats can fold flat and come in handy in case you need extra space for storing luggage of up to 975 liters. Its layout resembles a sportscar and is powered by two to three-cylinder engines. The car also has a high boot floor that can be used to slide long items in and out easily.

Seat Leon

Seat' Leon car comes with bold exteriors, and powerful and advanced LED headlights, giving it a sporty look. It comes with a touchscreen entertainment system that runs on an in-built voice recognition feature. The car also has a side assist that comes in handy if there are any vehicles in your blind spot. This air-conditioned car runs on an automatic transmission and also comes with a cruise control and speed limiter. It is also the most sought after car in case you are traveling with 4 tourists.

Opel Crossland X

An Opel Crossland X resembles a small SUV and comes with driver assistance features like IntelliGrip traction control to help you navigate through the roads of Granada after renting it from a coches de alquiler Granada. The car can easily accommodate up to 5 people at a time and is apt for those who need space to sit comfortably while driving. This car has a manual transmission with 6 gears and also comes with an anti-lock braking system. It has an automatic parking assistant that comes in handy while parking in Granada.

Highlights of Car Rental Granada

  • It is advisable to rent a car from a car rental in Granada well in advance to get a great deal.
  • Mini, economy, and standard are some of the most sought after car models when renting from a car rental in Granada.
  • Planning the route before traveling will help save fuel and time.
  • Knowing some technical knowledge of the car, like mileage requirements, engine capacity, etc., will come in handy.
  • In case you are planning to explore using a car, do check when the rent asked by alquiler de coche en Granada is cheap.
  • Knowing the cancellation policies before booking from a car rental in Granada may come in handy in case you want to cancel at the last moment.

Know Before You Rent A Car in Granada

Essential Information
Rules to Rent A Car in Granada

Minimum Age: The minimum age for an alquiler de coche en Granada can go as low as 21 years. However, some Car Rental Granda companies usually prefer the minimum age to rent a car to be at least 23 years, so the minimum age varies from dealer to dealer.

Required Documents:Those planning to rent a car from a car rental in Granada must produce documents like a valid driving license from the home country, a printout of the confirmed voucher, an identity proof- passport, and a credit card in the driver's name. It is also mandatory to have an international driver's permit to rent from Car Rental Granda.

  • Experienced drivers have an alcohol limit of 0.05%, whereas novice drivers have a limit of 0.02%.
  • Vehicles are supposed to have documents and insurance papers at all times.
  • It is mandatory for all in the car to wear seatbelts.
  • Unnecessary honking is prohibited.
  • Children aged under 12 years must use a child restraint system when using the front seat.
  • In case of any emergency, one can dial 112.


Is renting a car worth it in Granada?

Renting a car from an alquiler de coche en Granada is worth it because it lets the user explore the popular places in the city leisurely. Tourists renting a car from coches de alquiler Granada can also try out popular road trips to places and popular landmarks close to the city. Granada is magical in its own ways, so using a car from an alquiler de coche en Granada to explore the city will be a unique experience.

How much does it cost to hire a car in Granada?

On an average, car prices in coches de alquiler Granada start from 30 Euros. However, this entirely depends upon the type of car you are planning to select, the number of days you want to rent it for, and the Granada car rental you get it from.

What are the rules for renting a car in Spain?

  • Tourists interested in car rental in Granada should have a valid driving license and an international driving permit.
  • It is mandatory to carry a printout of the booking and produce it upon demand at the Car Rental Granda.
  • Cars picked up at one spot of the Car Rental Granada must be dropped off at the same place to avoid any penalties.

How old do you have to be to rent a car in Grenada?

The minimum age for a car rental in Granada is 21 years. However, tourists aged between 21 to 24 years may have to pay an additional fee, but that varies from supplier to supplier.

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What are the tips for renting a car in Granada?

  • While opting for a car rental in Granada, it is advisable to buy unlimited third-party liability insurance.
  • It is important to make sure that the third-party liability insurance is included in the costs involved in renting a car from the Car Rental Granda.
  • Removing the rental sticker from the car from a Granada car rental company can help reduce the chances of it getting stolen.
  • A car rental in Granada may charge you extra if you are less than 25 years old.

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