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Overview of Nasrid Palaces

Nasrid palaces tickets allow you to visit a palace that was built when the region was under the influence and control of the Islamic rulers.Known to occupy a significant space not only in the history of Granada or the Iberian Peninsula but also in the entire Spain. Popularly known as the Heart of Alhambra, The Nasrid Palace is one of the most sought after tourist spots by anyone who plans to visit Granada in Spain.

With intricately designed walls and ceilings, the grandeur of the palace speaks volumes of the grandeur of Moorish architecture with ample influence from Arabs and Persians. By just wandering amidst the corridors of the Nasrid Palace can transport the visitors back to the times of the Spanish royalty. Visitors will have the opportunity to view the Golden Room, a room that received its name from the numerous grotesques hanging from the ceiling.

You will get a chance to visit the meeting rooms named as El Mexuar, the council of ministers that provide justice to the locals. Whether it is checking out popular spots like the Hall of Ambassadors , Hall of the Boat, or even Golden Room Courtyard, they are usually left spoilt for choice.

History of Nasrid Palaces

History suggests that these palaces were once the official residence of the royal family of Granada. The entire region was once a military zone which was later converted into the official residence of the royal family of Alhambra. The construction of this palace dates back to between the years 1338 to 1358 when the Nasrid Palace construction began upon the orders of Muhammed V, who was the founder of the Emirate of Granada and also the founder of the Nasrid Kingdom. After the Islamic Monarchs were replaced by the Catholic rulers in the late 1400s, the palace underwent a lot of restoration including more rooms to Alhambra. Even after the French occupied the Iberian peninsula in the early 1800s, a part of the fort was blown up and it was later repaired, restored, and maintained. But even today, the palace continues to stay true to its origin and retain the authentic look of having Islamic architecture influence.

Nasrid Palaces Ticket Combo Options

Alhambra and Nasrid Palaces Ticket with Audio Guide

This is a UNESCO protected site that offers a tour with an audio guide to discover interesting facts about the palace. Visitors opting for this tour option will get a personal headset and it is available in languages like Spanish, English, French, German, Italian and Portuguese. The tour dives deep into the intricacies of the palace and the grandeur of the Nasrid Royal Dynasty. The palace has a limited entry, so it is recommended booking the Nasrid palaces tickets well in advance.

Nasrid Palaces & Generalife Ticket with Audio Guide

Here is a tour option that visitors can check out to explore places like the Alhambra Fortress, Nasrid Palaces, and the Bath of the Mosque. With the audio guide in your hand, you can explore the places at your own pace and learn more about the Nasrid kingdom and their style of architecture. The audio guide is available in 12 different languages and the tour option also allows you to skip the line and gain priority access to these sites.

Alhambra, Nasrid Palaces, and Generalife 3-Hour Guided Tour

Visitors will be guided by a tour guide while checking out the Alhambra. The entire tour is 3 hours long and is available in English and Spanish language. Headphones will be provided to hear the guide properly and the guides involved in this tour are experienced and official. However, if you are planning to opt for this tour, please be informed that this is only a guided tour and not an entrance into the venue. To enter, visitors have to purchase separate Nasrid palaces tickets.

Alcazaba, Nasrid Palaces, and Gardens Guided Tour

Experience what it is like to discover the wonders of the Alhambra while you also skip and line and enjoy early access to Alcazaba, Nasrid Palaces, and the Generalife Gardens. Being a guided tour, it is available in four languages and comes with a headphones option too. However, do note that this tour requires a minimum number of visitors to be met. In case it does not meet the requirements after buying Nasrid palaces tickets, the tour can be rescheduled.

Alhambra, Nasrid Palaces, Generalife and Alcazaba Private Tour in Granada

Alhambra is considered to be one of the jewels of Granada. The entire Alhambra palace comes with interesting legends waiting to be discovered. Visitors will have a private tour session and will be guided by the professional art historian guide who is also the official guide of Alhambra. The ticket guarantees entry into Alcazaba and the Nasrid Palaces. The tours are available in Arabic, English, French, Spanish languages and can go up to 3 hours.

Alhambra and Nasrid Palaces: Private Tour through the Senses

Alhambra Palace is a World Heritage Site declared by UNESCO. This morning tour is guided by a professional who can also take you to the Generalife gardens and the Alcazaba fortress. This is a sensory tour where visitors can touch, smell, and even taste items that were once a part of the luxurious lives of the Moorish Sultans. The tour is 3 hours 30 minutes long, is available in English, Italian, Spanish, and is also accessible with a wheelchair and stroller

Experience at Nasrid Palaces

El Mexuar

The El Mexuar, popularly known as the hall of Mexuar was once the meeting point or a hall that was used by the council of ministers and the Sultan. After the Catholic Kings came back to power, the hall was converted into a Chritian Chapel and a choir section was also included by Emperor Carlos V in 1632. The hall also comes with beautiful motifs and paintings that are worth checking out after buying the Nasrid palaces tickets.

Palace of Comares

Located in the Alhambra, the Palace of Comares is a set of rooms located in the Arrayanes Courtyard. They are equipped with porticoed galleries on both sides of the palace, along with the Embajadores Hall and the Barca Hall. History suggests that the construction was such that this place was made to look exquisite. This palace was also the official residence of the Sultan.

Golden Room Courtyard

This room gets the name "The Golden Room '' due to the variety of grotesques on the ceiling. There was a time when the Catholic Kings covered these grotesques with pure gold and are worth checking out. In this room, there is also a courtyard where visitors can check out the fountain that is carved out of marble. There is also a gate that visitors can use to reach the royal courtyard and the Reja courtyard too using the Nasrid palace granada tickets.

Lion’s Palace

The Nasrid palace granada tickets come with a chance to enter into the palace with private rooms that were once used by the royal family. The Lion's Palace is located between the Arrayanes Courtyard and the Baths. The palace is well connected to several other prominent places in the Alhambra, like the Ajimeces, Dos Hermanas, Mirador de Daraxa, Reyes Hall, Mocarebes Hall and the Harem spread across different directions in the palace. You can visit the Abencerrajes Hall and the several eye-catching galleries that connect to different rooms.

Mirador de Daraxa

The Mirador de Daraxa is located amidst the Dos Hermanas Hall and is known to offer some of the most stunning views of the garden. The interiors are so intricately carved with Arabic verses. While visiting this place, do check out the Ajimeces Hall and the Mirador to check out the arch that is decorated with muqarnas i.e. inscription to praise god.

Know Before You Book Nasrid Palaces Tickets

Essential Information
Tips For Nasrid Palaces Tickets

Timings:April to October- 8 AM to 8 PM (morning visits); 10 PM to 11:30 PM (Evening visits)October to March- 8:30 AM to 6 PM (morning visits); 10:00 PM to 11:30 PM (Evening visits)

Location: C. Real de la Alhambra, s/n, 18009 Granada, Spain

How to Reach:By Car: Walk from the Cuesta de Gomérez from Plaza Nueva for 15 minutes and you will reach the Alhambra after passing through the Gates of Justice. By Bus: There are mini buses from the Royal Cathedral that lead up to the Alhambra, especially buses 30 and 32.

  • Explore the El Mexuar which is a hall used as a meeting point by the Sultan and his ministers, now converted into a Christian Chapel.
  • Get welcomed in the Golden Room Courtyard, a room filled with intricately carved grotesques on the ceiling covered with pure gold.
  • Visit the palace that was once the official residence of the royal family named Lion's Palace. It is also well connected to several prominent landmarks in the Nasrid Palace premises.
  • Observing the region from Mirador de Daraxa which is popularly used as a watchtower overlooking the countryside. This is now a viewpoint that offers stunning views of the gardens from the base of the palace.
  • Priority access into the prominent attractions in the Alhambra after buying Nasrid palace granada tickets.
  • Guided tour option available in different languages to choose from.
  • Headphones for visitors to listen to the tour.
  • Unique sensory tour and experiences worth trying out.
  • An option to have a private tour after buying Nasrid palace granada tickets.
  • Strollers are not permitted in the premises of the Palace.
  • Only small backpacks are allowed while entering the Palace.
  • Arrive at least 15 minutes in advance after buying Nasrid palace granada tickets.
  • It is advisable to carry a water bottle with you which will keep you hydrated during your tour.

FAQ’s of Nasrid Palaces Tickets

Do we have to book in advance for Nasrid Palaces Tickets?

To get a guaranteed chance to visit Alhambra, it is recommended that Nasrid palaces tickets are booked in advance. Once purchased, tickets you can skip the waiting lines and also come with a guaranteed entry into the premises of Alhambra.

Which things can we experience in Nasrid Palaces?

Places in Alhambra, like the El Mexuar, Palace of Comares, Golden Room Courtyard, the Lion's Palace, and the Mirador de Daraxa are some of the places that are worth experiencing and visiting after purchasing Nasrid palaces tickets.

How long does it take to visit the Nasrid Palaces?

The average time taken to explore the Nasrid Palaces after buying a Nasrid palaces tickets can go up to 4 hours, depending upon the walking pace of the visitors. In case visitors are planning a picnic in the premises, then it is recommended to spend a bit more time in Alhambra.

What is special about Nasrid Palaces?

The Nasrid Palaces were built when Granada was under the control and influence of Islamic rulers. This is a World Heritage Site recognized by UNESCO and although Granada later came under the control of the Catholic Kings, the palace continues to retain its Islamic architecture.

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