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The Malaga to Granada Day Trip lets you transverse from the city of Pablo Picasso to the glorious city of the Nasrids- Granada. The best day trip starts as you travel across the scenic countryside route that rewards you with the vistas of the Sierra Mountains. The tour provides you with a multilingual friendly guide as you explore Granada’s best monuments. Most of these day trips include the exploration of the Alhambra Complex. The tour takes you through Alhambra Palace, Nasrid Palaces, the Palace of Charles V, etc. The friendly guide narrates to you the story of Nasrid Palace and its glory at its peak.

There is no question as you witness the beauty of Alhambra Palace and understand the reason for the Spanish conquering this place, and making them their own territory. The Nasrid Palace is yet again a wonderwork of Moorish architecture. You can enter Alcazaba, and ascend the Torre de la Vela Watchtower to witness scenic views of the entire complex. The guide takes you to the Palace of Charles V for its exclusive Renaissance art, and surrounding lush Generalife Gardens. The later part of the day trip to Granada from Malaga lets you pay respect to Catedral de Granada, and explore the Arabic streets of Albaicin.

Malaga to Granada Day Trips Combo Options

Granada Full-Day Trip with Alhambra

The Malaga to Granada day tours start as you travel with a small group in a comfortable vehicle. The tour takes you to the old city center of Granada and explores the city as you skip the long lines. The guided tour starts as you reach the Alhambra complex, its Nasrid Palaces, and its Gardens. The friendly English-speaking guide lets you enter the palace with early access. You can explore the Nasrid Palaces for its Moorish architecture with impressive stucco ceilings, and stunning Islamic tile work. The Palace of Charles V displays the best Spanish Renaissance architecture and many luxurious artworks. The beauty of the Alhambra complex lies in its Generalife Gardens which showcases lush greenery with the beauty of fountains in the middle. These gardens are made in the style of Granada's Sultans and reflect the best of Islamic architecture. The tour moves from Alhambra Complex to Catedral de Granada as you can explore the most religious Church of the city with its Royal Chapel.

From Costa del Sol or Malaga: Granada and Alhambra Tour

Take either Malaga to Granada Day Trip or get a pickup from Costa del Sol in a comfortable vehicle. Enjoy the transfer trip as the vistas of the snow-covered Sierra Nevada Mountains follow you to Granada. The next part of the tour takes you to Alhambra Complex, where you can witness the unique blend of Moorish architecture with modern Spanish Renaissance. You can witness the stunning Stucco ceiling of the Nasrid Palace and its Moorish tile work. The Generalife Gardens let you witness the beauty of Islamic-style courtyards with lush greenery and fountains resting in the middle. These gardens surround the beautiful Palace of King Charles V. The Palace displays extensive artworks and grandeur of the Modern Spanish Renaissance style. The tour takes you from Alhambra Palace to Alcaiceria Streets for an exploration of Arabic-style streets, and markets. Post the activity, the tour ends as you transfer back to Malaga or Costa del Sol.

Alhambra Guided Tour with Entry Tickets

The day trip to Granada from Malaga starts as you sit and relax in a country-side drive to Alhambra. The guided tour starts as you enter the Alhambra- “The Red” Palace. The friendly multilingual guide narrates to you about the beauty of Alhambra Palace and its construction by the Nasrids. You can witness its stunning Moorish architecture as the guide tells you about the Spanish Annexation of the Palace, and its transition to a residential complex governing the crown. The guided tour lets you enter the Nasrid Palace decorated with detailed interiors of the Royal Quarters, Reception Halls, Fountains, and Frescoes. You can enter Alcazaba, and climb the Torre de la Vela Watchtower to witness panoramic views of the entire complex. Enter the Spanish-Renaissance style Palace of Charles V. The elegant Palace displays extensive artwork of grandeur. The final part of the tour lets you explore the lush Generalife gardens and their Islamic architecture before ending the tour.

Full Day to Alhambra Palace and Generalife Gardens Direct from Malaga

The full-day Malaga to Granada day tours take you in an air-conditioned motor coach to Alhambra Palace. A multilingual guide accompanies you throughout the guided tour of Alhambra Palace, Nasrid Palace, Generalife Gardens, and Palace of Charles V. The tour starts as the guide narrates to you the facts about Alhambra Palace and its glory in the Nasrid Dynasty, followed by the Spanish annexation. You can witness the well-known Islamic carvings and beautiful ceilings of the Palace. The walking tour soon makes you enter the Generalife Gardens and admire its greenery. The garden features vibrant blooming flowers and beautiful fountains in its middle. The guided tour ends as you leave Alhambra Complex and enter Albaicín or “Albayzin” neighborhood. These medieval Arabic streets reflect the best of Moorish architecture and offer you some of the best Andalusian food with the flavor of the Middle East.

Know Before You Book Malaga to Granada Day Trip

Essential Information
What More?

Distance: The distance between Malaga to Granada is 127 km by road.

How to Reach:- By Bus: Direct Buses from Malaga to Granada take 2-2.5 hours to complete. The bus services to operate are Flixbus, and Alsa, costing around 15-20 €.- By Train: Board a direct train from Seville to reach Granada in 1-1.5 hours. You need to change trains from Antequera to reach Granada via Santa Ana.

Time Required: The Malaga to Granada Day Trip takes 1.5 to 2 hours to complete, depending upon the mode of commutation.

Best Time: The best time to explore Granada, and Malaga is around March to May.

Currency: Spanish Euros (€)

Language Spoken: Spanish

Where to eat:- Taberna La Tana- Restaurante Chitko- Casa Ysla.

Where to stay:- Affordable Stay: Casa de Federico Boutique.- Mid-range stay: Hotel Casa Morisca, Hotel Granada Center, and 3-star hotel right in the heart of the city- Granada Five Senses Rooms and Suites.- Luxurious Stay: Aurea Washington Irving, and 5-star Hospes Palacio de Los Patos Hotel.

Things to See in Granada


Visiting the Alhambra Complex for its beautiful palaces, and gardens are the coolest part of the best day trips from Malaga to Granada. It is among the country's most popular monuments that showcase the unique blend of Moorish architecture and the Spanish Renaissance. The complex features Nasrid Palaces, Generalife Gardens, and the Palace of King Charles V.


Generalife Gardens nestle inside Alhambra Complex, and are built in the style of Islamic courtyards. This place is a recreation of the original gardens made in the style of Granada Sultans. The gardens possess bright flowers, enchanting fountains, and pebbled paths. The tour of these gardens takes about an hour to finish as you can sit amidst its lush greenery.

Granada Cathedral

Granada Cathedral is one of the most religious places in Spain that is built over Nasrid Great Mosque. The cathedral is among the best-surviving architectures of the Italian Renaissance in Spain. The Cathedral was designed by Enrique Egas and is a seat of the Archdiocese of Granada. It is interlinked with Royal Chapel as you can take Malaga to Granada day tours.


The Albaicin neighborhood, also known as “Albayzin” is one of the most exciting places in Granada as you can explore its medieval Arabic Quarters. This hilly area is covered with olive trees, and it houses many attractions like Caldereria Street, City Walls of Zirid Taifa, Medieval City Gaye, and Puerta de la Monita.

Mirador de San Nicolás

Mirador de San Nicolás is among the most popular parts of Malaga to Granada Day Trip that presents you with panoramic views of the enchanting Spanish city. The viewpoint provides you the mesmerizing views of Alhambra Complex, Generalife Gardens, and the snow-covered Sierra Nevada Mountains. Besides being a viewpoint, this place lies in the area of Flamenco shows.

Watch a live flamenco show

When in Spain, nothing can beat the mesmerism of the Traditional Flamenco dance. The vibrant women dressed in Scarlet, and handsome men in Black dance and sing to the tunes of Spanish Guitar. Once you start watching a Flamenco performance in Granada, there is no looking back as you start to make out the romantic message behind the performance. One of the best places to watch a Flamenco show is Sacromonte.

Visit the Sacromonte Caves Museum

Exploring the Sacromonte Caves Museums lets you understand the life of Gypsies a 100-years ago. The ethnographic museum recreates 10 different caves in the styles of its original residents. Exploring the neighborhood of Sacromonte in itself is among the best day trips from Malaga to Granada for its hippie culture and beautiful ceramic houses. The caves showcase kitchen utensils and several other age-old objects.

Relax in the Arabic Baths

The Arabic Baths, followed by a hot sauna are among the most relaxing experiences in Granada. These baths are known as “Hammam” and date back to the 11th-century Moorish sites. The ruins of Moorish baths are recreated using the same style but with modern SPA amenities. The architecture of the baths encompasses elegant arches, a hot chamber Caldarium, and Islamic tile-work.

FAQs for Malaga to Granada Day Trip

When is the best time to visit Granada?

Due to its nice weather, spring is the best season to visit Granada. The flowerbed at Carmen de Los Martires is a magnificent sight to see as the plants bloom in their most colorful blossoms, and the grounds are lush. Additionally, you can see individuals having a great time here and there, which makes the environment "happening" more than before.

What is the best way to get around Granada?

Walking is the best way to get around Granada. This is due to the city's size in comparison to other Spanish metropolises. You can also take advantage of a public bus service if walking isn’t your cup of tea.

What are some things to do in Granada?

Exploring the Albaicin Arabic quarters and the Sacromonte Caves are two of the best things to do in Granada. The Malaga to Granada Day Trip takes you through these hilly neighborhoods and viewpoints to see major attractions such as the Alhambra Palace.

What are some other tips for visiting Granada?

  • Fall is the ideal season to explore Granada.
  • You can witness Moorish townscape ruins and Spanish modernism by taking a bike or bicycle ride.
  • Fresh produce can be found at the neighborhood market known as Mercado San Agustin.
  • Getting free Tapas after eating at a restaurant is very likely.
  • You should book advance tickets for the best day trips from Malaga to Granada like Alhambra Palace, Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, Royal Chapel, El Bañuelo, etc, as they sell out quickly.

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