Ermita De San Miguel Alto

Ermita De San Miguel Alto

The Ermita de San Miguel Alto or the Hermitage of San Miguel is a small church perched atop one of Granada's northeastern hills. It is famous for its historical significance and the best panoramic views of the entire city, including the Albaicin neighborhood, the Alhambra fortress, and the white-carpeted Sierra Nevada mountains.

The Hermitage of San Miguel dates back to the 17th century as it was built around 1671 on a former Muslim tower, the Arab tower of Aceituno. It was destroyed during the French occupation but later rebuilt and is now a simple place of worship. It serves as the site of an annual holy pilgrimage on September 29. During this time, it is crowded with worshippers and bursts with energy and lively ambiance.

Visit the Ermita de san miguel el alto in the early morning or late afternoon to catch the magnificent sunrise or sunset views if you want to witness the most stunning views from the spot. After having your fill of the surrounding scenery, you may visit the adjacent Sacromonte area, renowned for its Roma community, flamenco heritage, and caverns, and have some memorable experiences. The church is up a hill, but the view and refreshing atmosphere are worth the effort.

History of Ermita De San Miguel Alto

Ermita de San Miguel Alto, also known as San Miguel Alto Shrine, was a small hermitage devoted to San Miguel, the archangel.It was built in 1671 on the site of the Arab tower Aceituno, a Muslim tower that surmounted the Nazari wall.The hermitage was destroyed at the beginning of the nineteenth century when the French occupied the city, but was reconstructed a few years later.The archangel San Miguel feast is celebrated at the hermitage every year on September 29, Michaelmas Day.It is now one of the most popular tourist attractions in Granada because of its prime location atop the Albaicin District's highest point, which provides mesmerizing vistas of the city and the sunset.

Know Before you Visit Ermita De San Miguel Alto

Essential Information
Tips To Visit

How to Get There:- By Bus: Take bus N9 which will leave you in front of the church.- On Foot: Walk uphill for about 30 minutes from Plaza Nueva while enjoying the scenery.- By Taxi: Hire a taxi to the top of the hill, which is the most convenient and expensive means.

When to Get There:

The best time to visit the Ermita de san miguel el alto is in the late afternoons to experience the magnificent sunset and expansive views of the Alhambra drenched in a golden glow. If you want to go to the yearly archangel's San Miguel feast, you can schedule your vacation for September 29, but be ready for the crowds.

  • Plan your trip going on a weekday evening since weekends are extremely crowded.
  • Opt for guided walking tours that include stopping at the Ermita de San Miguel Alto to experience all the major city sights and learn about its history and culture.
  • Check out some of the nearby tapas bars and restaurants for local dishes and views.
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes and clothes as you'll need to walk uphill.
  • The Ermita De San Miguel Alto is about a 30 minutes from Plaza Nueva.
  • Be mindful that there are steps near the top of the winding, narrow ascent.
  • Binoculars will help you see the landmarks more clearly.
  • Although there are some sellers around, bringing your own food and water is advised.

FAQ of Ermita De San Miguel Alto

What are the opening hours of Ermita De San Miguel Alto?

The Ermita de San Miguel Alto is open 24 hours, but weekday evenings are the best times to enjoy the most beautiful sunset and surroundings.

Why is Ermita De San Miguel Alto so famous?

The Ermita de san miguel el alto is famous as a hermitage of the archangel San Miguel that provides a stunning perspective of Granada city and imposing snow-covered Sierra Nevada mountains. It also celebrates the archangel’s San Miguel feast annually on Michaelmas Day, September 29, drawing both devotees and visitors to the celebration's energetic atmosphere.

How to reach Ermita De San Miguel Alto?

This Hermitage of San Miguel is reachable on foot from Plaza Nueva; it is a 30-minute ascent upward with stairs and dirt trails. The N9 bus goes to the hermitage if the climb is too hard for you. Alternatively, you can call a taxi.

Which are the tips to visit Ermita De San Miguel Alto?

  • Be prepared to hike uphill as the Ermita de San Miguel Alto is situated on the highest peak of a hill.
  • You will be walking for roughly 30 minutes upwards and 20 minutes downwards, so wear appropriate shoes.
  • Bring binoculars to enjoy the views clearly.
  • Carry some water and light snacks.

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