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Dazzle your senses on a special night out during your visit to Spain by booking the Flamenco show Granada tickets and tours. Witness one of the country’s most traditional form of art at a celebrated tablao of Sacromonte or in the Albaicín as you enjoy an exotic meal or drink.

Get your Flamenco show Granada tickets to enjoy a performance of this famous dance form that had its origins in the Arabian countries and dates back to the 15th century. Learn more about its advent into Spain by the expelled Moors who took flight to settle here with the gypsies. It also gives you a deep insight into the local rituals and intrinsic elements of their culture and heritage.

Enjoy the various aspects of the show by using your Flamenco show Granada tours that blends various elements including singing, dancing, and playing. Declared as an Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2010, catching a glimpse of the captivating performance that exudes passion, is an absolute must. Pick from a variety of tour experiences and enjoy a delectable Andalusian local dinner while you enjoy the show or blend it with a tour of the historical city, the Alhambra, the Sacromento, and the Albaicin.

Why Book Flamenco Show Granada Tickets And Tours

  • With many things to do in Granada discover the musical heritage of Spain at one of the famous tablaos here by booking your Flamenco show Granada tickets and tours

  • Get enchanted by the amazing characteristics of the mind blowing performances as they transmit vibrations and passion

  • Get a glimpse of this local form of art that has also been dubbed as the heart of Andalusia

  • Enjoy the intimate and cozy atmosphere that is created to further enhance your experience and make it a memorable one

  • Make the most of this once in a lifetime opportunity to admire the strong emotional connect shown to the art form by its various performers including the dancers, singers, and musicians

  • Grab your Flamenco show Granada tickets and be amazed by the energy, passion, and dedication of the artists on the stage who are working hard to keep this rich tradition of Spain alive

Available Flamenco Show Granada Tickets And Tours

Sacromonte: Flamenco Show At Cuevas Los Tarantos Tickets

Get drowned in the richness of the country’s culture by getting your Flamenco show Granada tickets and tours. Enjoy this Andalusian culture with a live and scintillating performance in a typical and authentic gypsy surrounding. Step into one of Sacromonte’s cave homes that go back to the 15th century and witnessing this mood enhancing show put up by passionate dancers, singers, and musicians. The Cuevas Los Tarantos is one of the most famous places that holds nightly Zambra shows along with a delectable spread of food and drinks.

Flamenco Show In La Alboreá

Book an hour of fun and excitement that you can have with your entire family Flamenco show Granada tickets in La Alborea. Located at the very heart of the city, the venue also boasts an amazing collection of local wines that you can enjoy while watching the performance. Experience the pulsating performance as the professional dancers uphold the cultural richness of the country with this tradition of flamenco dancing that started gaining in popularity back in the 18th century.

Flamenco Show In Albaycin - Jardines De Zoraya

Taste the cultural splendor of southern Spain by booking your Flamenco show Granada tickets and tours in Albaycin - Jardines de Zoraya. This authentic venue known as a tablao gives you a comfortable and cozy setting to enjoy the performance on stage making it a memorable one. Amaze yourself by the strong performances of both the singers and the dancers that are keeping this traditional art form alive with their passion and dedication. The vibrant ambience and sound of the flamenco singers here are bound to have you in awe of the place.

Granada: Sacromonte Caves Flamenco Show with Dinner

Enhance your experience of the cultural as well as culinary richness of Spain by opting for the Flamenco show Granada tickets and tours. Enter the traditional cave home located in the famous Sacromonte district of Granada to witness an authentic flamenco dance performance accompanied by a delectable spread of local Andalusian food including salads, Spanish omelet, meat and fish dishes with delicious sauces. Get escorted to your table where a scrumptious dinner awaits you in this historical set up. Learn much about the local culture and food on the menu with the help of your friendly waiter.

Granada: Alhambra Guided Tour And Flamenco Show

Witness the exotic beauty and grace of the local art form from the Andalusian region of Spain with the Flamenco show Granada tickets and tours. You can enjoy a wide range of flamenco styles and techniques showcased by professional and experienced performers and combine it with a tour of yet another heritage site of the city, the Alhambra. Get a skip the line entry into this world famous edifice along with an audio guide and a tour of the fortress’s main sections, main sections: the Alcazaba Fortress, Nasrid Palaces, and Generalife Gardens.

Granada Day And Night: Complete Alhambra And Flamenco Show

Explore the architecturally and historically rich Alhambra by taking a day tour of the fortress with your skip the line and guaranteed access. Book these Granada flamenco show tickets and blend your experience at the UNESCO World Heritage Site by day and a scintillating traditional gypsy dance mix by night. Learn much about the history of the Nasrid dynasty that ruled here for centuries, their distinct architectural and cultural contributions evident in the vast palace and the gardens.

Granada: Live Flamenco Show At Tablao Casa Ana

Get your Granada flamenco show tickets and enjoy the traditional performance amid authentic surroundings showcasing and upholding rich flamenco heritage. The Casa Ana tablao boasts some of the best performers and professional artists that showcase their work with supreme passion and dedication. Enjoy the way the artists exhibit their talent and emotion in the intimate atmosphere of the venue that prides itself in being able to unify the theatrical space with their own distinct identity.

Granada: Albaicín & Sacromonte Walking Tour & Flamenco Show

Delve into the magic and aura exuded by the Albaicín neighborhood with its criss crossed lanes, quaint alleys, and narrow meandering pathways. This unique Flamenco show Granada tickets and tours will not only give you an experience of the rich Spanish art form with a live performance but also let you witness the city in all its raw beauty especially from your vantage point as the sun goes down behind the Alhambra. Learn about the history of the Sacromonte as you tour down its streets imbibing its sights and sounds.

Flamenco Show Granada FAQs

What is the best time to experience Flamenco Show Granada?

The best time to book your Flamenco show Granada tickets and tours is during the early evenings around 7 PM when you can enjoy the performance in relative quiet and amid lesser crowds. You can also enjoy a delicious dinner with the show. There are a number of Flamenco shows in Granada starting from dusk that go all the way till the early hours of the morning.

Do we need to book in advance for Flamenco Show Granada tickets and tours?

Booking your Flamenco show Granada tickets and tours in advance is a good idea as it can not only get you guaranteed entry into the venue on your preferred date and time slot but also help you avoid standing in long queues. Moreover, you can enjoy exciting discounts, deals, and offers when you book your Flamenco show Granada tickets in advance online.

What is special about Flamenco Show Granada?

The Flamenco Show Granada exhibits southern Spain’s rich cultural and traditional heritage and has also been declared Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2010. The scintillating performances by passionate and dedicated artists are an absolute must when you visit Granada.

Will i get a discount While booking the flamenco show Granada tickets and tours online?

Yes, you can avail of some lucrative deals and discounts when you book your Flamenco show Granada tickets and tours online. Besides, this way you can book from the comforts of your home or office and avoid standing in long lines.

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What is the minimum age required to book Flamenco Show Granada tickets?

There is no age limit to book your Flamenco Show Granada tours. Children under the age of 5 can also enjoy free entry into the venue.

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