Patio de Los Leones

Patio de Los Leones

Patio de Los Leones or commonly known as the Courtyard of Lions is a palace built in the heart of the fortress complex of Alhambra situated in Granada, Spain and is one of Spain’s top tourist attractions. It stands as one of the finest preserved monuments of Islamic Architecture and attracts huge crowds because of its remarkable architecture. One gets to see and admire the astonishing marble fountain which is surrounded by twelve lions throwing jets of water through their mouths. The most fascinating thing to watch is the dodecagon shaped basin held by the shoulders of the lions. This is one of the greatest remains of Muslim Architecture in Spain. The Patio de Los Leones is structured in a rectangular ground plan surrounded by a gallery. Unlike the orthodox Muslim Andalusian style, you will find its design to be quite interesting and unique which makes it stand out among the other attractions of Alhambra. It glorifies the reign and power of Nasrid rulers of the Emirate of Al-Andalus of Granada who commissioned it.

History of Patio de Los Leones

The Patio de Los Leones, the Courtyard of the Lions was built by Muhammed V of the Nasrid rulers of Andalusia. It is an addition to the several other palaces and gardens built in the complex of Alhambra by the other Nasrid rulers. The centre of attraction of the palace is its northern nucleus which is the Hall of the Two Sisters or Qubba Mayor. The palace is an excellent incorporation of aesthetic richness along with science. Researches suggest that the structure we see today was not the same when it was initially built and has been subjected to several modifications over years. Studies made during 2010-2011 conclude that the palace area did not have a garden before and was made of marble which later on was replaced by the garden during the French occupation after 1810.

Combo Package Options

The Shortest Line: 3-Hour Alhambra & Generalife Guided Tour

Explore and learn about the exquisite Islamic art and culture in this famous UNESCO world heritage site with authorised guides.The tour package helps you discover the beauty of the Patio de Los Leones or the Courtyard of the Lions and the palaces of Mexuar, Comares. You can stroll down the passages and columns and indulge into the spectacular mediaeval Moorish engineering. The iconic yellow and blue tiles with which the palace is decorated are definitely a sight of a lifetime. It also gives you a more detailed experience with audio guide systems and bilingual guides. The 3 hour tour ends at the beautiful gardens of Generalife.

Alhambra: Tour with Nasrid Palaces

This gives you a detailed tour across the Nasrid palaces including the Patio de Los Leones and the gardens of Generalife with authorised guides. You can walk through the beautiful gardens and admire the astonishing architecture of Alhambra. The extensive fountains in the complex are a treat to the eyes. You can also learn more about the Moorish Rule over Spain from your multilingual guide in detail. Usually small groups are allowed for this tour package and you can easily skip the long queue as it is inclusive of all the fortresses, gardens, palaces along with the Alhambra Courtyard of Lions tickets. This is a 3 hour tour package and allows you to discover Alhambra like never before.

Alhambra Nasrid Palaces & Generalife Semi Private Guided Tour

Get guaranteed, inclusive, guided and hassle-free access to the whole of Alhambra including the courtyard of lions, the other palaces, fortresses and gardens. You will get to learn and explore the history of the mighty Nasrids and the details of the Moorish architecture. You can enjoy the serenity of the gardens around and also get your favourite click. Generally it takes 3-3.5 hours with English, French and Spanish guides showing you around. The tour includes tickets to the Alhambra courtyard of Lions and all other monuments in the extended complex.

Know Before You Go Granada

Highlights-- Tapas in Spanish cuisine goes without a mention, and Granada is a heaven for tapas lovers.- Granada has a picturesque coastline just an hour away along the villages of Salobrena and La Herradura.- This destination is inexpensive and thus people and students from all over the world and of all communities come here to live and study.

Best Time to Visit- The best times to visit the city of Granada are the months of May, June, September and October. The festivities are held during these months and the weather is also pleasant.

Essential Info- - Weather- Winters start usually from the beginning of November and are chilly with occasional snowfalls. May, June, September and October are the most pleasant months and thus experience a heavy tourist flow.

  • Language- English is the official language of Granada and the main spoken language is Grenadian Creole English and sometimes Patios (Granadian French)

  • Timezone- UTC/GMT +1 hour Currency- Eastern Caribbean Dollar

How to Reach-- By Air- The Granada Airport is connected to almost every international airport across the world. Also you can fly to Malaga International Airport and then take a train to Granada.- By Train- there are several trains going from different parts of Spain to Granada.

FAQs Of Patio de Los Leones

Who made the Patio de Los Leones?

The Patio de Los Leones or the Courtyard of Lions was built by Muhammed V of the Nasrid rulers of the emirate of Granada in Al-Andalus.

How many days are enough to explore Granada?

Generally 2-3 days are enough to explore the main attractions and lifestyle of Granada which includes the fortress city of Alhambra, the famous eateries serving the best tapas and the beautifully engineered churches.

What makes Granada so famous?

Granada has been under Muslim rule for almost 800 years which is longest in Spain and thus is very different from the rest of Spain. The fortress city of Alhambra and the other elegant museums and churches make Granada popular among the tourists.

Which are the famous churches in Granada?

Granada has some grand churches which have charming architecture in store. The most famous churches of Granada that you would not like to miss are- The Royal Chapel of Granada, Basilica of St. John of God (San Juan de Dios), Church of the Tabernacle, Church of the Sacred Heart and San Nicolas Parish Church.

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What are the most popular things to do in Granada?

  • Take a complete guided tour across Alhambra- the fortress city
  • Go hiking into the greens of the Los Cahorros de Monachil Canyon
  • Watch the beautiful sunset while walking down Albaicin and Sacromonte
  • Take a ride around the city in the city train
  • Visit the Museum of Caves

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