Walking Tours Granada

Walking Tours Granada

Walking tours Granada are all about moving from modernism of Spain to historically rich sites of Moorish architecture, and the Andalusian Renaissance. These walking tours can be as short as a 1-hour journey or continue for the entire day depending upon the itinerary. You can take the Granada Tapas Walking tour, Walking food tour, Essential must-do walking tour and many more to enjoy Tapas and other delicious Spanish foods while exploring the city’s attractions. Visit the hilly neighborhood of Albaicin- The medieval Arabic Quarters, the 3000-year-old Sacromonte caves and witness the beauty of Alhambra Palace, the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, and Generalife. There are several guided walking tours into the Cathedral de Granada and The Royal Chapel.

Walking Tours Granada

Granada Tapas Walking Tour

Granada Tapas Walking Tour is all about exploring the beauty of Spain, and its incredible history with a unique taste of Andalusian food. An expert guide assists you throughout the Tapas walking tours Granada to help you taste the best Spanish Appetizers. You can relish some Tapas along with Spanish drinks in the small shops across the Albaicin- the UNESCO World Heritage-listed historic Arabic neighborhood of the city. While enjoying the Tapas, you can catch the breathtaking look of Alhambra Palace and the Sierra Nevada Mountains from these hilly streets and enjoy the three options of Spanish wines these tours provide.

Gold Doubloons: Albaicin & Moorish Houses

The Gold Doubloons Granada walking tours take you through the hilly neighborhood of Albaicin, and its enchanting Moorish-style houses. The medieval Arabic Quarters of Albaicin are listed under the UNESCO World Heritage list. The beautiful sight of Alhambra Palace is visible through various viewpoints. You can take a guided tour of Nasrid monuments like Dar al Horra Palace, the place where Valide Sultan of Granada resided. The vibrant street of Paseo de Los Tristes welcomes you to explore its cafes, restaurants, and nightlife. The street houses the oldest Flamenco Club of Spain- Pena la Plateria which regularly hosts the most mesmerizing dances in the city.

Granada: Walking Food Tour

The food walking tours Granada lets you taste the yummiest Spanish bite across tapas bars, street stalls, cafes, and restaurants. The 3.5 hour walking tour starts from Teatro Isabel la Catolica, Casino Sidewalk. The tour provides you with some of the finest local ham, wines, and authentic Andalusian food. The food-guide assists you to taste the mouth-watering dishes of the renowned Chikito restaurant, and many others. You can go for the most popular Spanish Appetizer- Tapas, a special dish made with rice and seafood, Paella, vegetable soup- Gazpacho, the combo of fried roll and cheese- Flamenquín, etc.

Granada: Albaicin & Sacromonte Guided Walking Tour

This 2.5-hour long walking tours Granada in Albaicin, and Sacromonte lets you witness the blend of two of the most distinct cultures- Islamic and Gypsy. The narrow streets of Albaicin are known for their Arabic quarters listed under the UNESCO World Heritage list. The hilly street houses several mosques, markets, and Moorish architectural monuments. The exploration of this quarter provides you with some of the coolest views of Alhambra Palace. The second part of the tour takes you to the Gypsy streets of Sacromonte with stylish houses made up of colorful ceramics. Sacromonte is nicknamed the “Flamenco Quarter” of Granada, owing to its vibrant atmosphere.

Granada: Albaicín, Sacromonte & Museum of Caves Walking Tour

The walking tour of Granada’s Albaicin, and Sacromonte lasts up to 2.5 hours for you to witness the mixture of Moorish architecture with some Gypsy vibes. Exploring this quarter will provide you with some of the best views of Alhambra Palace. The second part of the tour takes you to the Sacromonte Gypsy streets, which are lined with stylish houses made of colorful ceramics. You can explore the Gypsy Caves and learn more about their history in a guided tour. The Museum of Caves showcases 100-year old artifacts displayed in a unique fashion. The Granada walking tours present you with the beautiful sights of places like The Plaza Nueva, Casa Enrique Morente, and Placeta de San Gregorio, etc.

Granada: Sunset Walking Tour in Albaicín & Sacromonte

The Sunset walking tours Granada in Albaicin, and Sacromonte lets you witness the lights illuminating all the details of Moorish architecture and vibrant Gypsy houses. Exploring this Arabic quarter of Albaicin will provide you with some of the best views of Alhambra Palace, and you can even catch the best sight of Granada from San Nicolas’s viewpoint. The second part of the tour route to Sacromonte Gypsy streets, which are adorned with chic homes built of vibrant ceramics. A guided tour will narrate to you about the 3000 caverns of the Gypsies and their history.

Granada: Essential Must-Do Walking Tour

Take historical walking tours Granada to understand the history of the city’s transformation from an Islamic state into a Christian territory. The tour takes you through the historical city center of the town around Catedral de Granada, and the Royal Chapel. After the guided visit, it takes a 360-turn to present you with the vibrant streets of Albaycín, which houses tea shops, cafes, restaurants, and many monuments. The knowledgeable guide narrates to you the history of Catholic Monarch Charles V, and the fall of the Moorish rule in the ancient times of Granada.

Granada: Cathedral and Madrasah Guided Walking Tour

The walking tour starts outside the main entrance of Madrasah Granada, and lets you enter Palacio de la Madrazo. This place is the first university of Arabs that dates back to the 14th century. The striking colorful Islamic architecture of the university astonishes you with its unique carving techniques. The second part of the journey takes you to the Cathedral de Granada for its religious importance presented through its Spanish Renaissance architecture. The guided tour narrates to you the history of the Church built over the Great Nasrid Mosque, its unique altarpiece, and the burial of the Austrian Royal Family.

Granada: 2.5-Hour Walking Tour with Panoramic City Views

Out of all the granada walking tours, a 2.5-hour panoramic view trip is the best one to witness the charm of Alhambra Palace. The medieval quarters of the Albaicin Neighbourhood allows you to witness the city’s skyline through various viewpoints. San Nicolas’s viewpoint is an iconic place that presents you with the panorama of Alhambra, Generalife, and Sierra Mountain Range. You can visit the old silk market of Bib Rambla Square, an Arabic quarter with its medieval streets. You will also explore places like the vibrant street of Paseo de Los atria, Carvajales Viewpoint, and Placeta de la Victoria.

Know Before You Visit Granada

Essential Information
Tips To Visit

Best Time: The best time to visit Granada is around Mid-April to Mid-May. This is because the gardens bloom in lush greenery with Spring season and its pleasant weather. The bed of flowers in Carmen de Los Martires is a beautiful sight to witness as the garden blossoms in its most vibrant florals. This season boosts outdoor sports, and explorations for localities, and tourists alike.

Essentials:- Language: Spanish- Time Zone: GMT+2- Country Code: +93- Socket Types: C & F- Currency: Spanish Euros €

Spring:- Months: Mid-April to Mid-May- Minimum Temperature: 7.5- Maximum Temperature: 24.7- Precipitation: 30-35 mm- It is the time when the gardens of Granada bloom in lush greenery. The weather is pleasant and the atmosphere is vibrant with people roaming all around.

Summer:- Months: June to August- Minimum Temperature: 14.9- Maximum Temperature: 30.2- Precipitation: 5-10 mm- It hosts the Feria del Corpus festival amidst the scorching heat.

Autumn:- Months: Mid-September to Mid-October- Minimum Temperature: 10.7- Maximum Temperature: 27.9- Precipitation: 25-40 mm- The weather is pleasant with most religious festivals taking place.

Winter:- Months: December to February- Minimum Temperature: 3- Maximum Temperature: 14.9- Precipitation: 35-50 mm- The temperatures drop below 0 degrees celsius, and snow-sports across the Sierra Nevada take place.

  • You must take a hot Arabic-style bath and a sauna in the Moorish-style luxurious bath El Bañuelo (bathhouse).
  • When taking walking tours Granada, check out Albaicin Arabian medieval hilly neighborhood.
  • Take a bike/ bicycle tour to witness the Andalusian countryside.

FAQs Of Granada

When is the best time to visit Granada?

The ideal time to visit Granada is between Mid-April to Mid-May due to the spring season’s pleasant weather. The gardens are verdant, and the flower bed in Carmen de Los Martires is a lovely sight to see as the plants grow in their most vibrant florals.

What are some must-see sights in Granada?

Some of the must-see sights in Granada are the Alhambra Palace, Catedral De Granada, Royal Chapel, Carrera Del Darro, Paseo De Los Tristes, Albaicín, and Sacromonte.

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What is the best way to get around Granada?

The best way to get around Granada is on foot. This is because the city is relatively smaller than other Spanish metropolises. The area of the city is 88.02 km2, which is navigable on foot. You can also choose a public bus service to commute across the city.

What are some good things to do in Granada?

Some of the good things to do in Granada are exploring the Albaicin Arabic quarters and Sacromonte Caves. The walking tours granada takes you through these hilly neighborhoods and viewpoints for witnessing important attractions like Alhambra Palace.

What are some other tips for visiting Granada?

  • The best time to visit Granada is around Spring Season as flower beds of Carmen de Los Martires flourish in lush greenery.
  • Taking granada walking tours or a bike/bicycle trip allows you to see Spanish modernism and Moorish townscape ruins.
  • Mercado San Agustin is a local market where you can get fresh produce.
  • You must visit San Nicolas’s viewpoint to witness the best look of Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, Granada city, and its popular attractions like Alhambra Palace, and Generalife.
  • The likelihood of receiving free Tapas after dining at a restaurant is very high in this city.

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